Newcastle University

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I pay fees?

Fees can be paid online through at Online Payments. You can also pay over the phone at +44 191 208 5520.



Can you explain why there are so many different passwords for different online systems?

Yes, it is confusing. The following information should help to explain:

First step / first system

To begin your online application to Newcastle University you are asked to apply for your intended course through the University online Applicant Portal. For this system you have to complete an online form creating a username and password. It is suggested that the password must be 8 characters and cannot contain your username, 'ABC', '123', or start with characters '?','!', or a space.

Second step / second system

Once you have confirmed your offer of a place in the Applicant Portal (see above) you should receive an email from the Programme Co-ordinator giving you your username and password to access to your University email account and your Learning Support Environment (Blackboard). 

I have forgotten my username and password to access Blackboard?


If you have previously studied on another course at Newcastle University, you will find that your username has not changed.  Usernames vary depending on the academic year in which you first applied to Newcastle University. Please note that, if you applied to a course and accepted an unconditional offer but did not end up taking your place, a username would still have been created for you at the time.

Usernames have a different prefix depending on the year in which you first applied to Newcastle University.  Your username is the middle seven digits of your student number on your smartcard prefixed, for those applying for the first time, with a letter ‘b’. For example if your student number is 160234567 your user name / ID will be b6123456. For those who applied between 2002 and 2009, the letter to use is an 'a', and if you applied before 2002 it is an 'n'.

We don't keep information on your passwords. The IT Service Desk will be able to help you if you give them a call on +44 191 208 5999 or an email on


Will I be able to change my password?

The first time you log in to access your University email account you will be asked to change your password. As you will need to use this password throughout your studies, it is important that you remember it. You will need it to access Blackboard, our online learning support environment.

You will also need to use this password when you go through the online induction onto the programme on Blackboard, so please have it with you for that.

If you want to change your password at a later date, you should press ‘Ctrl-Alt-Delete’ on your computer to change and confirm the new password.



What happens if I am unable to submit an assignment on time?

You can apply for an extension if an unforeseen / exceptional circumstance affects your ability to submit an assignment. You must complete a PEC (Personal Extenuating Circumstances) form to present a case explaining why there has been insufficient time to complete the necessary work, and submit evidence to support the case. A link to this form is available from The form must be completed before the assignment deadline as extensions will not be granted retrospectively.

How do I give Feedback?

We are always updating and improving our programmes of study. We value your feedback, and make evaluation forms available as you complete parts of the programme. You can also email your feedback to


I am a member of Newcastle University staff; will I get a new email account when I become a student?

Yes, you will get an additional email account when you register as a student.  You will be able to set this up to automatically forward any emails that it receives to your staff account.