Newcastle University

Assessment and Progression


Teaching and Learning in the Classroom

Assessment will be of a portfolio of evidence to support the achievement of the Learning Outcomes. The evidence will demonstrate your ability to write coherent and detailed lesson plans but also, via a commentary, justify decisions made in:-

  • Preparing and choosing content.
  • Structuring sessions and rationale for choosing teaching methods suitable for specific situations, including the appropriate use of audio-visual and other teaching resources.
  • Your ability to utilise forms of assessment (particularly formative assessment). 

The portfolio will also evidence your ability to critically evaluate as well as develop your personal practice.


Teaching and Learning in the Workplace

The assessment for this module takes the form of a Reflective Log, detailing your reflection on clinical teaching opportunities: applying theory, and critiquing it in relation to your practice and to your own development.


Understanding Programmes of Learning

The summative assessment for this module is comprised of a written case study, analysing and evaluating a programme of your choice.

The module also involves a formal formative assessment for which you will be asked to complete a draft curricular map.  You will then receive feedback on your chosen curriculum and on the map you have developed.




Scholarship in Medical Education

Assessment will be a written coursework assignment. 


Advancing Teaching and Learning

Assessment will consist of preparation of a poster for display, and presentation of the poster including discussion and answering questions (ten minutes for presentation and ten minutes for discussion).

You will be required to plan, conduct and present a small scale practitioner inquiry into an aspect of your teaching or a practical educational issue in your workplace. Your poster will summarise the inquiry and its findings.


Current Educational Issues

A twenty minute oral presentation on a chosen issue, to discuss relevant influences and differing perspectives, with implications for practice. The audience will be made up of other students and examiners. You will also be required to provide an abstract for the presentation, including supporting evidence and references.