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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I pay fees?

Fees can be paid online through S3P (the online registration site) or at onlinepayments. You can also pay over the phone at 0191 208 5520, or in person at the Finance Office. The Finance Office is based in King’s Gate. Opening hours for the main office and the Reception Counter are 8.30 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30 am to 4.45 pm Friday.

Can I pay the course fee in instalments?

Self funding students on postgraduate taught programmes can pay fees in up to six installments for home students, and up to two installments for international students. These will come out by direct debit.

Am I entitled to the University Alumni discount?

Yes you are entitled to the University alumni discount.


Can you explain why there are so many different passwords for different online systems?

Yes, it is confusing. The following information should help to explain.

First step / first system

To begin your online application to Newcastle University you are asked to apply for the Programme through ‘E2R’ the university online applications portal . For this system you have to complete an online form creating a username and password.It is suggested that the password must be 8 characters and cannot contain your username, 'ABC', '123', or start with characters '?','!', or space.

Second step / second system

Once you have confirmed your offer of a place in E2R* (see above) you should receive an e-mail from the Student Progress Service giving you your username and password to access to your university email account.
When you log in to your email account, you should have another email from Student Progress telling you how to register through our online registration system. *For those who apply before the summer this will normally be around the first week in August. You will need to follow the instructions in the e-mail to login to the system and access your new Newcastle University e-mail account.When you access your Newcastle e-mail account for the first time you should find that you have received an e-mail from ‘IT Service Help Desk’ containing login instructions for the Student Self Service Portal (S3P). S3P is a system that allows you to register on the programme.


Third step / third system

The first time you login to access your University email account you will be asked to change your password. As you will need to use this password throughout your studies, it is important that you remember this password to access our course Learning Support Environment.

If you don’t change your password it is important that you remember the ‘generated’ password for access to the Learning Support Environment.

 If you attend the IT session on the Learning Support Environment at the Certificate face-to-face Induction you will also be using this password, so please bring the ‘changed password’ with you or the letter/email with the ‘generated’ password with you.

If you want to change your password at a later date you should press ‘Ctrl-Alt-Delete’ on your computer to change and confirm the new password.

I have forgotten my username and password to access the Learning Support Environment?

Your username is the middle seven digits of your student number on your smartcard. For example if your student number is 101234567 your user name / ID will be b0123456 (For initial registration at Newcastle University in 2009 and including back to 2002 prefix with an ‘a’ and pre 2002 an ‘n’) for those registering for the first time the prefix will be a 'b'.

We don't keep information on your passwords. The IT Service Desk will be able to help you if you give them a call on 0191 208 5999 or an email on


Why do I need a smartcard?

All students and staff (unless you are on the e-learning or NUMed programmes) must have a University Smartcard - staff members are entitled to a student Smartcard as well as their staff one, but can just have the staff Smartcard. You will need yours to gain access to the seminar rooms where we hold study days.

E-learning and NUMed students are entitled to a Smartcard if you want one - if you do please email a passport-sized photo of yourself to the email address above and we will get a card generated and posted to you.

It is important that you visit the library to have your smartcard produced. During Induction will be the most convenient for you, but if that is not possible, then when you attend your first study day at Newcastle. All students must have a smartcard by the beginning of October.

Can I apply directly to the Diploma stage of the Medical Education programme?

It is possible to enter the programme at the Diploma stage with the appropriate academic credit for prior relevant study. This includes GP trainers who have completed the relevant module at Northumbria University.
Where students can provide evidence of equivalent learning, exemption may be granted from attendance at some, or all, of the study days in diploma or masters modules. Applicants may be eligible to apply for exemption from some modules, with the agreement of the Degree Programme Director. You can find more information here under 'Statement on Recognition of Prior Learning'.

What happens if I am unable to submit an assignment on time?

You can apply for an extension if an unforeseen / exceptional circumstance affects your ability to submit an assignment. You must present a case that explains why there has been insufficient time to complete the necessary work and submit evidence to support your case. The form is available from The form must be submitted before the assignment deadline as extensions will not be granted retrospectively.

How often do I need to come to Newcastle University?

This will depend on which modules you take but generally there are 3 study days per module unless otherwise stated and these are held at Newcastle University. The e-learning programme has no attendance requirements - you will never need to come to campus, and the NUMed Malaysia programmes are delivered completely at our Malaysian campus.

What support is available for Diploma students taking the online module, Utilising Technology in Clinical Education, and e-learning programme students?

Support is given by the module leader and E-Learning Co-ordinator via the online discussion forum and online workspaces.

How do I give Feedback?

We are always updating and improving the programme, we value your feedback, and will send you evaluation forms throughout the year on completion of each module. Alternatively you can email your feedback to ( if you are a NUMed student on the Medical Education programme, if you are on the e-learning programme).